We like to think we’re not your average church, and we hope you’ll agree that Sunday mornings here are the best 90 minutes of your week!

Church starts at 10 am. Dress code is casual. And…we may be a little different from what you are used to.

First, we’re not a very religious group. We feel that Jesus is all about relationship, not pomp and ceremony, so we don’t have much. This is a place for real people to meet with the real God, no pretense or pretending. Just be yourself. That’s who God loves, and we’ll love you too!

Second, we’re excited about God, Jesus and the Bible. That means we clap our hands, sometimes, we stomp our feet, and yell and cheer. Hey, if we can get that excited about our favorite sports teams, then God certainly deserves that kind of excitement!

Third, we seriously believe that God’s presence can visit us during our service, and that God speaks to us. That makes worship very personal, because as we said, Jesus is all about relationship.

Last, we’re a Bible-centered, Pentecostal church. We try to follow the book of Acts, empowered by the Holy Spirit, working together to reach the world, and living in unity with each other. Check us out!