MY MISSION: To listen, care for and minister to our Wounded Warrior Hero’s and their family members.

MY VISION: To assist them in their freedom from the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual horrors and pain of what they had to see and endure and do over there in combat.

• To send a message that no Wounded Warrior should ever be forgotten or left behind to face the society on their own.
• To give every Wounded Warrior the honor and dignity they deserve.
• To show them it’s not a dishonor or weakness to let the pain and sorrow and agony of combat go.
• To help them make the choice to begin to live again.

WHO WE SERVE: New Life Wounded Warrior Program serves all veterans and family members of any and all American war conflicts on foreign soil.

• SFC David L. Hayner (Retired Active Army 2008)
• 23 years Combat Infantry
• 2 Combat Tours
• Experienced TBI and PTSD from armed conflict.

• New Life Church
337 Protection Ave.
Herkimer, N.Y.
• Appointments are Friday’s only. Between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please call for appointment Tuesday through Thursday.
• All appointments will be conducted at New Life Church.
• All counseling/ministering is free of charge.